22 November 2011

Exploring town on my own

Well today I went in a grocery store, a pet store (we needed more poop bags), and a drugstore (well I didn't see a pharmacy but it had everything else). I walked quite a while by myself and wondered what kind of neighborhood I was in.  Later found out that it was the "ghetto" part of K-Town.  LOL

Then after looking at two houses today, John and I went to dinner at a place we like in downtown K-Town. There wasn't any extra tables so we ended sitting with another lady at her table. She didn't speak English; we don't speak much German... It was an interesting hour, but tiring balancing all the mental stress and trying to eat. At least the Gl├╝hwein helped! :) Between two dictionaries and my BB app, we actually carried on a conversation. Lord knows what we said though! No house though--one was in a not so good neighborhood next to the RR tracks; the other was toooooo big--it had six balconies! Well to bed early tonight so we can take our driver's written test at 7:30 am! Yeah. Did I say I hate tests?

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