22 November 2011

First Days there--in a fog

I'm doing a little catching up on my blog to get us to where we are today.  

November 9--Hmmm. It is day 4 in Kaiserslautern. I didn't do much today, but John had to get his work computer going. He also signed us up for housing so now we can go look at houses and apartments. Yesterday we got our ID cards, looked at some cars, and some houses. We have been told that houses go fast around here and you have to act fast if you want one. The weather is mild and it is nice to talk the dogs for a walk. Oh and we got cells phones--German cells phones. If it is not hard enough figuring out how to get them going English, can you guess how easy that has been in German? :-) Had some good food though and some good beer and wine! Now to take some pics.

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