22 November 2011

Nov 12 Updates--the Bauernmarket!

Well today was another adventure. We skipped breakfast and headed for the Bauernmarkt (or Farmer's Market) which was loaded with beautiful vegetables and fruits, cheeses, spices, plants, flowers, and meats/fish. We really don't have a place to put stuff but we did sample a breakfast (eggs and brochen and pastries) there. Got some fruit too.

After that we wandered through a grocery store to check out products and prices. Since we were at the beginning of the pedestrian mall, we continued our stroll going in a shop where I bought the outfit below and a bookstore. The streets were filled with people which was a different feeling than that of downtown Brainerd! LOL.

Our adventure continued with a bus ride back to our hotel. We were patting ourselves on the back about figuring it out, when everyone got off and the bus stopped. Hmmmm. We were on the right number, wrong destination. The driver said we could ride back to the next stop and get off there and walk to the right route. We tried that, but Google maps wasn't doing its thing and we ended up at Mobel Martin, which is a big store (actually bigger and better than IKEA--sort of a cross between IKEA and Crate and Barrel).

But we really needed to get back to the dogs, so we only ate lunch there--roasted turkey leg, dumpling, red cabbage, salad and wine--for about 13 euros (about $17). Oh and to use the carts here, you insert one euro; after you are done, you get the euro back. Sort of a neat trick. Any hoo, we caught a taxi back to the hotel and took the dogs for a walk.

Then we took another cab and met a real estate guy at a possible rental. He dropped us back downtown where we finished the day with dinner at an Italian restaurant. And yes, there was a dog at someone's feet in the restaurant. The owner even gave the doggie a treat! Phoebe probably could do that if no one sneezed... So we are back in our room for the evening and are very tired. But very happy!

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