22 November 2011

Nov 20--Church and Sunday

Just made it to our first mass at St. Martin's. It was good to make it to church. The church is very old, has war wounds in its side. It was very cold too, I'm thinking there is no heat and wonder about it when it gets colder. I didn't see any heating elements like would be in Minnesota... No knee pads and barely padded wooden benches. The service was, of course, in German, but it had a familiar rhythm. But it was great to be back again. I lite candles for Anna and Dewey while we were there. I did say "peace be with you" as I forgot to look it up before I went!

We also at at a Chinese restaurant this afternoon for a chance of pace. It was great too! We had dinner for two which included ginormous egg roll, Peking soup, and four entrees of sweet & sour chicken, crispy duck, beet with mushrooms, and Schezwan chicken. We had hot tea and were suppose to get dessert after, but both of us were tooooo full to eat any, so the waiter brought us plum wine instead. It was a nice place.

After lunch, we explored a little more and looked at the progress for the Christmas Market which I think opens next weekend (the stores are open too). We stopped and had espresso and gelato at a corner shop. All in all a nice day and a good finish to the weekend!

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