22 November 2011

Typical day

Nov 15--John went to work and I stayed with the dogs and did some computer work on finding homes and cars. I took the dogs for a mid-day walk and they did pretty well until a tractor almost ran us down and then I had a dog fight on my hands (between Bella and Phoebe). Luckily I am bigger than all of them put together!

This evening we went back into town after work and ate at the Spinnaeker in downtown Kaiserslautern. The Spinnr├Ądl is a historical building in Kaiserslautern. The 1742 for the first time mentioned in the plan book building is the oldest surviving timber-framed house in town. It is located in the inner city, not far from pen space and Schillerplatz. We had some sort of meat platter for an appetizer, and I had goulash and John had Jagerschnitzl (sp?). It was a nice evening out and then back to the room to study for the driving test.

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