09 February 2012

Catching up in 2012

Well some water has ran under the bridge since the last time I was on this blog.  A lot of things have happened in the meantime--we found a house, we moved, we got our temporary furniture, our three kids came to visit from the States, and then our household goods came and we had to send the temporary furniture back.  Also after the kids left, it was unpacking all the household goods, getting the utilities hooked up and started (don't get me started on these stories!), and settling into a rhythm (John going to work, walking the dogs, and looking for work for me).  In the middle of all this, my mother passed away after a lengthy illness and that added another layer.  But I am finally at the other end of that, the boxes are almost unpacked (except the Christmas stuff for next year).  I'm to the stage of hanging pictures and that can take a little while--you have to live with the house first to know where the perfect place is for your old and new pictures.  Today I'm going over the household goods packing list to see what they didn't ship--like all the bolts to our patio furniture!  Since half of our stuff is in long term storage, it will be hard to remember what is missing!  The dogs have settled in to the new routine and have been scheduled for obedience lessons starting this week--well Bella and Nacho have been; Phoebe is OK and too old for such stuff.  They really enjoy walking through the forest behind our house (I would too if they didn't go berserk every time another person or dog came into sight!).  Here is a pictures of our house and the woods.
You can barely see our house in the very back center!

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