22 November 2011

Laundry date night

So when you live in a hotel with access to washers, you accumulate laundry.  And still being carless, we have a hard time getting somewhere to do our laundry.  As I said before, the military laundry mats are a little further away.  So once again we ventured forth on the taxi dragging our laundry bag with us.  But there was a special benefit we weren't expecting.

We spoke to the Vietnamese taxi driver who had been in the country for over 25 years.  He was a boat person and came over at the time of the war.  He came alone when he was only 14 years old.  He said one of his first experiences was to go to school not understanding a word of German.  He spoke about how lonely he was and how scared he was when he first came over.  I think he said that some of his family followed a year later, but that first year must have been stressful indeed.  Now 25 years later, he has a family and children of his own, speaks Vietnamese, Germany, and English.  He was very interesting.  He dropped us at the laundromat or waschsalon where we discovered that the will do your laundry for you.  Hmmm!  Hard decision; we left it behind after an conversation with the non-English speaking laundry lady about how we wanted it done and at what temperatures, we walked to the bahnhoff looking for bus schedules--logical right?  Do you too wonder what our laundry will look like when we get it?  Faith!

So we decided to walk down to the Spinrraeker again for dinner but to my surprise appeared but a miniature sleigh and 8 tiny reindeer and all of the festivities that go with.  The Christmas Market had opened!  I was dazzled by all the lights and booths and people!   Good wine, beer, brats and much more. Lots of people too. Wood smoke from a bin fire and from the pizza ovens. A good and unexpected night.  I'm ready for more surprises of this sort!

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  1. You may have found your calling Deb...maybe you should publish that book you wrote when you were a teenager :)!