22 November 2011


November 11--Today was laundry day... We decided it was to far to go to the Army post by cab so ventured to a German waschsalon. Actually it was fine and I liked it alot better than the US ones I have been to in the past. There was one machine to put your money into for washers and dryers; then you just entered your machine's number. 

While it was going, we went to the bahnhoff (train station) and checked on tickets for Sarah and her possible trip to visit her Hungarian friend over Christmas. Then we found a brat stand went back and put the wash in the dryer and ventured back out for espresso and pastry (see St. Martin below). All-in-all, a good simple day. Caught up on some paperwork as well so the kids could come and see us for the holidays. 

No agents called about houses today which is a bummer. Oh well we've only been here for almost a week! We do need a car though, but first the license... It's always another step. And we have decided since we didn't have a big dinner, we might have to have a cocktail!

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