22 November 2011

Nov 14--Paperwork

So yesterday wasn't so exciting. We did paperwork and budgeting! Not my favorite day in Germany, but something that has to be done. The weather has been pretty cloudy since we got here. Last night it was so foggy, you could hardly see across the street! We ate lunch at the hotel--they served Goose Butter (goose is in season now here) for an appetizer (this is the hardened fat drippings from the bottom of a pan after you roast the goose) used to spread on bread. Not bad just weird to think about it. 

We ate dinner at the Irish House--beer and brats. I asked the owner if he knew how to make a Hot Toddy (typically it is hard to find someone who does--whiskey, lemon, honey, and hot tea) and he replied "Hot whiskey Ja! And I know how to drink them too!" He spoke German with an Irish accent so I am sure I will get a good Toddy next time I am there!

We have looked at once place to rent twice. We like it, but worry about our older dog getting up and down the spiral staircase to go outside--not to mention the furniture (but really that is the mover's problem). Oh well we have only been here one week.. Back to studying for the driver's test!

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